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Oakland Window Treatment Service

When you are spending a nice quite Saturday in at home and trying to enjoy the picturesque view of Oakland with Lake Merritt, the last thing you want to do is look through a murky window. But windows have such a habit of getting filthy and who can be bothered to stand for hours and clean them? So what is the solution? Oakland Window Treatment Service is the solution.

At UCM Services Oakland, our window cleaning experts specialize in the unique field of window furnishing cleaning and repairing so that all your windows can become transparent once more as they were originally meant to be. You really need not sit in the dark as it were, when you have the option of contacting Oakland Window Treatment Service.

Cleaning Methods

How does UCM Services Oakland tend to your windows?
Our trained technicians will assess your windows and use a combination of methods including sanding; applying filler; sealing, finishing; waxing and polishing. Not only do we tend to your windows, but we will also care for your blinds, shutters, drapes, shades and curtains so that your view is beautiful as well as the frame. But it is also for that reason - the many different materials used for blinds, shutters etc. - that it is so important for you to contact a company with expert, trained technicians.

Oakland,CA CleaningBecause all these furnishings are made from so many different materials (including wood, metal, vinyl, natural and synthetic fibers etc.), you need a team of experts to come in ahead of time and assess which cleaning products will be able to best treat these furnishings. We will then remove them all carefully and bring them back to our plant where they can be treated, so as not to cause any inconvenience whatsoever in your home. Following that, our staff will then return them to your home and reinstall them without any further cost.

We also offer restringing and re-chording services, for those products which require it. So contact us today for cleaner windows, drapes, blinds, shutters, tomorrow!

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