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The Pet Stain Toll on Wooden Floors

Oakland Pet Stains & Odor Cleaning You might love your little pooch - most people with pets do - but the mess they can make sometimes can really drive one crazy! So what do you do? You live in a stunning home in Oakland, where everything is environmentally friendly, clean and nature-related. You might love to take him (or her) on one of Oakland's great walking tours, looking at Old Oakland, the city center, uptown to the Lake, the Preservation Park, Oakland Chinatown, Waterfront, or the churches and Temples, but when you get home and you are faced with his or her horrible stains on your wooden floors, you will probably just feel like going straight back out there again for another walk! But the reason you got these wood panel floorings laid in the first place was to help you enjoy a relaxing, tranquil evening. So what is the solution?

The solution is a simple 4 words: Oakland Wood Floor Cleaning. At Oakland Wood Floor Cleaning we specialize in getting rid of pet stains, refinishing your wood floors to a high quality, good as new standard. The top of the range equipment that we use at Oakland Wood Floor Cleaning enables us to easily remove pet stains (as well as other stains) no matter how long they have been embedded in your floors. We sand, apply filler (when necessary), seal, finish, wax and polish so that your wood panel floors are as glorious they were the first day you had them laid. So contact Oakland Wood Floor cleaning today and we will gladly come and provide you with a free, no obligations estimate.