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Benicia Carpet Cleaning

Benicia is located just north of Walnut Creek, CA; it has great places to visit. If you are there just for a short while, check out the Capitol State Historic Park as that is the site of California's third seat of government (1853-54.) What is interesting from an historic point of view is that it is the only pre-Sacramento capitol that still exists today and obviously it looks quite a bit different from those days since it has been restored. But it still maintains its historic feels since the reconstruction used period furnishings and exhibits. Carpet Cleaning in Benicia, CA 94510 It can be described of course by writing about it, but there's nothing like seeing it for real to get the feel for it yourself, especially when you see the original 19th century newspaper sitting on one of the desks! It takes you right back... if that's possible!

But what about present day Benicia? What is life like there? It can definitely be a good quality of life. But what you have to know is that a lot depends on you personally and how you decide to take care of things. If you want to improve your standard of living, one port of call you have to make is carpet cleaning Benicia. The experts in all types of full quality cleaning, Benicia Carpet Cleaning is the right company for you. From awnings, canopies, furnishings and upholstery to wood floorings, window treatments, grout and tiles, Benicia Carpet Cleaning uses only the top, environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning methods and products as well as quality staff. So call today and improve your quality of life at home!

For more historical interest, check out the Carmel Barn Museum which holds displays of Benicia's history as well as the U.S. arsenal. In the 1850s and 1860s camels were tested as pack carrying animals by the Army in the Southwest desert. When the Civil War began, this project was ditched and the camels sent to the Benicia Arsenal to be sold.

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