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There is so much to do and so much beauty to cover, in the picturesque city of Alameda. The walking tours are beautiful and educational and if you are one of those active sorts, you might want to get involved in the Carnegie restoration and preservation project, in which the city has been looking for proposals for architectural and engineering design services for its project located at Santa Clara Avenue and Oak street in Alameda's historic downtown. Carpet Cleaning in Alameda, CA 94501 Basically, what was once an incredible building holding huge stature (grand Carnegie building) is today empty and has been closed to the public for the last decade. Unfortunately this means potentially even more trouble for the future since this historic building is more likely to deteriorate. So the city decided to request these proposals as a first step attempt to return the Carnegie to use as a public building for the entire Alameda community. You too can help with this project, so get involved. If you do live in Alameda, what better way to be part of your community?

It's one thing to live in a beautiful picturesque place, but another thing to maintain that kind of wonderful high standard in the comfort of your own home. You work hard and long hours; you are tired at the end of the day; your kids make the place dirty; who can be bothered to clean the floors to a perfect standard? Well, that is why you call in the carpet cleaning staff to take care of this stuff for you. At Alameda Carpet Cleaning, our trained professional experts are only too delighted to take care of your carpets, rugs, wood floors, furnishings, upholstery etc. in an efficient and careful manner. This leaves you - our valued customer - time and energy to enjoy the life of leisure you want, without having to compromise on top quality cleanliness standards at home (or in the office). So give Alameda Carpet Cleaning a (toll free) call today for a free estimate and start living the life you deserve.

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