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Spring Window Cleaning in Oakland

Oakland,CA CleaningEverything needs a spring cleaning once in a while. The Oakland winter has just past, and your house might have been washed numerous times by storms, but has all that rain, really washed it clean? Rain carries a lot of dust particles in it. Dust and smog gets caught up in the raindrops and gets trapped in any exterior with small indentations. Freezing rain is even worse, pushing in that dust and wind carried dirt into the smallest crevices in your windows as the water expands.

Of course the best way to take care of all of your windows is by calling in the experts; however, here are a few tips on what you can do yourself. Surprisingly, the best way to wash clean your windows by yourself is by using household made solutions. Use white vinegar, about a quarter cup of vinegar per quart of water and rinse your windows with the solution. Dry by using a non lint towel to avoid streaking. Try and give special attention to window sides and crevices as much as possible, freeing up any dirt buildup.